Everyone forgotten the thing about Trump and Russia

No one can quite remember the thing about Trump and Russia that might have got him impeached or something, it has been confirmed.


It feels like it might have had something to do with him being on the side of Russia but that can’t be it because why would we now be so worried about him having a war with Russia? said everyone.

Everyone said: “Something about helping Russia or being helped by Russia, almost sort of working with Russia to get elected or something really bad like that.

“But no because he’s president of the United States and he’s just bombed Syria after seeing the pictures of dying children and Putin says we might have a real war and relations are worse than ever and all that.

“Treason? Why am I saying the word treason?

“No, it’s gone. Oh well, it can’t have been important.

“What the fuck is Putin’s puppet?”

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