Man supports women’s rights within strict confines of Islamophobic agenda

A man is feigning interest in women’s rights insofar as it facilitates religious intolerance and otherwise could not be less interested.


Ray Doyle is outraged by gender inequality endured by Muslim women and thinks they should get back to being treated unequally just for being Muslim.

Mr Doyle said: “Muslim men have an entirely different attitude to women which is yet another reason we need a Muslim ban like Trump’s, who I know ‘grabs ’em by the pussy’ but come on he’s just a man.

“If they live here then they need to integrate and abide by British values of fairness and equality, except on pay, women are different, that’s just fact.

“Make us a cup of tea, love.

“Come on, don’t be a feminazi.

“It’s nice that you’ve got this little job. Who’s looking after your kids?”

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