Whole country has night of vivid dreams about strongman Geoff Capes and horses

Everyone in the UK last night had strange dreams of Geoff Capes and buildings for horses, almost as if the words ‘strong’ and ‘stable’ had been drummed into them somehow.

geoff capes stable

Jill Munroe of Southend-on-Sea said: “I got a puncture in my car and suddenly Geoff Capes was there, which is strange because I don’t know anything about him except that he was two-time World’s Strongest Man in 1983 and 1985.

“He lifted the side of my car and held it up while I changed the wheel. I said, ‘You’re so strong.’

“And when I got back in the car the handling somehow seemed more stable.

“Then I was in a stable feeding a horse and it nudged me, which could have knocked me over because it was very strong but didn’t because my stance was very stable.

“Oh, what can it all mean?”

Ray Doyle of Reading said: “Strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and sta-

“Sorry, not sure what came over me there.”

Will Bodie of Kettering said: “The message seems to be strength and animals so I’m going to vote Ukip because of that candidate who wants to have sex with Gorillas.”

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