Jeremy Corbyn insists house party will go ahead despite no guests

Jeremy Corbyn is refusing to alter plans to host a party at his north London home despite everyone invited telling him unequivocally they are not going.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader invited everyone he knows on Facebook and continues to post regularly about how much he’s looking forward to it even though every single one of them has clicked ‘Not going’.

An upbeat Mr Corbyn told Swan Bake: “The overwhelming majority of confirmed attendees are looking forward to the party as much as I am.

“Admittedly I may have to rethink the Rizla game and musical chairs will be brief and strange but pass the parcel promises to be hugely rewarding.

“It will go ahead no matter what and after that there will be another one, irrespective of how disastrous it is.

“That is just how the world works.”

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