Twitter goes strangely quiet for Brexit voter after suspension of Russian trolls

A Leave voter is wondering what has happened to Twitter after accounts run by Russian trolls were suspended.

No tweets yet

Ray Doyle, from Basildon, previously knew the site as a constantly refreshed source of opinion and ideas but last logged on to experience the social media equivalent of being left alone on Earth with Nigel Farage.

Mr Doyle said: “Suddenly I don’t follow anyone, have no followers and the only tweets are my own, which no one appears to have seen.

“If that man in the film 28 Days later had woken up in hospital and checked Twitter instead of going for a walk, it would basically be this.

“Except for Farage. He’s still there, shouting. Imagine that. Alone in the world with a shouting Nigel Farage. That’s a user experience that Twitter might want to look at.

“Then again, they’ve probably been hacked by the same brainwashed zombie remainers that deleted all the accounts I follow. @Leavenowgetoverit told me that happens a lot. Before he disappeared.”

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