Let the poor manage their budgets, says woman in £1,000 trousers

People facing six weeks without benefits should simply manage their budgets, a woman in £1,000 leather trousers has explained.


Told by Jeremy Corbyn that families faced eviction from their homes because of universal credit payment delays, Theresa May said they should dip into their savings as she would, adding: “What is wrong with them?”

Challenged by the Labour leader in PMQs, the Prime Minister said: “There have been concerns raised in the house previously over the issue of people managing their budgets to pay rent.

“Why don’t they just take a walking holiday in Switzerland instead of going to the Algarve, as I did. Or cut back on cashmere sweaters. It’s a piece of piss.

“Quite honestly, if people aren’t responsible enough to realise that rent comes before cashmere then there is literally nothing this government can do for them. Fuck them. It’s for their own good.”

Benefit claimant Ray Doyle, due to be evicted over the payment delay, said: “I suppose I could sell the carpet. If I owned a carpet.”

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