Thought for the day | David David, Brexit Secretary: ‘Brexit does not mean Brexit.’


I do not know what Brexit means.

I know what it doesn’t mean: Brexit.

We cannot jeopardise peace with the hard border in Ireland that Brexit means. So it doesn’t mean that.

It means Northern Ireland keeping EU rules, but not, of course, being any different to the rest of the UK. Emphatically not. Why have you even thought that, it’s so random.

No. The whole of the UK will keep EU rules. That does not mean the UK will have EU rules. Keeping the same rules doesn’t mean having exactly the same rules. It’s both the EU and UK having mutually recognised rules. They recognise ours, we recognise theirs. Because they are exactly the same.

All words only mean what we say they do and sometimes they are the same but also different. Wave, for example, also means wave.

I’ve forgotten where I was going with this. It’s time for the EU to go away, think again and come back and tell me. Otherwise I’m walking away.

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